"Providing a Caring, Lifelong Home

to Senior Rescue Goldens" 

About the

GRSRS&EC's Rescue Transfer

Partner Program

GRSRS&EC facilitates the admission and nationwide transfer of

local-program Senior/Special Need/Hospice Care Golden Retrievers into

its specialized rescue sponsored program at Delaware Valley Golden Retriever

Rescue (DVGRR) Group Home.


Most Golden Retriever Rescue programs nationwide depend on foster homes to care for their Rescued Senior Goldens. Once a non-adoptable Senior or Hospice Golden Retriever is placed in a foster home, that home is lost to the local rescue program for many months. If that foster care Senior Golden with special needs or requiring Hospice Care is transferred to a caring, specialized care facility (like DVGRR), the referring rescue program will be able to place multiple, adoptable rescue Goldens, waiting for intake, care and adoption, in to that foster home over time.


This would increase the local program’s ability to serve more Golden Retrievers in their state/region that require rescue services.


The Senior Rescue Golden Retrievers transferred to GRSRS&EC's program will receive individualized, loving, enriched care for life.


If transportation expenses are a problem for the transferring rescue program, the GRSRS&EC's Rescue Transfer Partner Program will assist with these costs on an individual case by case basis.




All 501(c) 3 Golden Retriever Rescue Programs nationwide are eligible to participate in the Rescue Transfer Partner Program and transfer appropriate Senior Rescue Golden Retrievers to the GRSRS&EC sponsored DVGRR group home for life-long specialized care.


Before the transfer of the Senior Rescue Golden, the transferring rescue program must forward a copy of the Golden’s immunization record, proof of Rabies inoculation, and any other information needed to transfer a dog.


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