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to Senior Rescue Goldens" 

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Dear Golden Friends,      


Dear Golden Friends:


Many people have written us expressing their desire to directly help the Sanctuary Residents, but share that they live too far away or work too many hours to be able to donate their time, energy and dog caring skills, and financial donations are not possible for them at this time.


WE UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY, but here is what YOU CAN DO that will make  a huge difference in our ability to provide all the support services needed for the Sanctuary.


If EACH and EVERY person reading this message takes the time to do the following it will make a critical difference in our ability to have a successful  fund raising event, an event where 100% of the funds generated goes directly to the Sanctuary Resident's care for 2017.


This November 5th-12th we are having a MEGA SILENT AUCTION to fund all the Sanctuary residents care for 2017.


We have over 120 special auction items to offer. It is a great opportunity for people to do their Early Bird Holiday Shopping for family, friends, and pets and at the same time provide the funding for the Sanctuary Residents and their Elderly Sanctuary Companions both small and large.


Please take time and share this critical event information with everyone on your Facebook page, access other Social media outreach resources to members of on line groups,other dog clubs of all breeds, family and friends and ask them to also share the information with all their contacts, not just dog related contacts but everyone. The Auction Items represent a wide spectrum of interests for everyone, men,women, children of all ages, special collectibles for every interest, home decorations and of course animal related items too.


Please help us make this event a success and provide us with the auction event outreach to people both near and far nationwide which will enable us to generate the funding to help all the Sanctuary Golden Oldies in the coming year. (Please also read all rules of the auction.)


Have a great weekend from everyone at GRSRS&EC and the Senior Goldens at the Sanctuary!


Joan Puglia,

President and Founder


President's Message

October 2016