"Providing a Caring, Lifelong Home

to Senior Rescue Goldens" 

President's Message


(Republish of Letter to GRSRS&EC Friends, October 2013)


You are receiving this message because you are a member of the Golden Retriever Community who has expressed interest in the Golden Retriever Senior Rescue Sanctuary & Educational Center ( GRSRS&EC  www.goldenretrieversanctuary.org).


Enclosed is a copy of the Open Letter to Sanctuary Friends that was posted on our web site when we first started our collaboration with Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (DVGRR  www.dvgrr.org) this past spring.


This collaboration now provides the GRSRS & EC Sponsored Senior Rescue Goldens exceptional care at DVGRR’s “Golden Gateway” facility. Among the wonderful benefits that we offer is full access to DVGRR’s many specialized care programs, medical care on site at BARK its on-site hospital, traditional and untraditional therapies and other specialized treatments that are provided by this respected organization.


The GRSRS&EC program provides the funding for Senior Goldens transferred from nationwide rescue programs, puppy mills and hoarding situations to the new Lynne Glennon Sanctuary for Senior Goldens and Puppy Mill Survivors at DVGRR. We will designate all such Senior Goldens as GRSRS&EC Sponsored Goldens. Additionally, we will provide life-long funding for their housing and care at this Sanctuary or by way of supported adoptions and specialized hospice care homes.


The financial support for these GRSRS&EC Sponsored Goldens that we will obtain from nationwide sources allows DVGRR to admit these needy dogs over state lines. Moreover, we will also be able to house and care for them at their Sanctuary without causing DVGRR any undue budgetary stress.


By admitting specific needs dogs from national Golden rescue programs, puppy mill Goldens of all ages and other severely sensory -deprived Goldens to their facility, DVGRR already provides all the services needed for such demanding tasks.

The new collaboration between GRSRS&EC and DVGRR will now assure a safe, caring, life-long home for all Senior Goldens from across the country in need during the “winter of their years.”


A few GRSRS&EC Facts:


1. We will use 100% of all donations made to the GRSRS&EC program to provide direct housing and care for GRSRS&EC Sponsored Senior Rescue Goldens housed at the new Lynne Glennon Sanctuary for Senior Goldens and Puppy Mill Survivors at Golden Gateway. There they will receive optimum care in a non-kennel, home-like enriched environment with a 1 to 2 ratio of volunteer caregivers to Golden residents. If deemed appropriate after proper evaluation, certain GRSRS&EC Sponsored        

Goldens may also be placed in supported adoptive homes or home-based hospice care. Of course, all will always have the option to remain life-long special Golden residents of the Sanctuary.


2. After paying for basic program expenses such as printing, postage, communication tools like Constant Contact and web site maintenance and a yearly financial audit, we will use all remaining profits from various fundraising activities to provide direct housing and care for the special GRSRS&EC Sponsored Senior Goldens.







October 2013