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EGRSRS&EC's Sky Blue Pink Early Childhood

Humane Education Book Project

The GRSRS&EC has acquired a “Little Free Library” container that can be used indoors or outside to make age appropriate books relating to the importance and need for rescue and care for all living things available to children and people who wish to take one of the books for a child that they know. This includes clinicians, teachers, parents, relatives, friends etc.


We have asked our Rescue collaborative partner if they would please place this “Little Library” in an easily accessible place on their campus…placement in the new training building would be ideal! It would be available to all who attend functions in that building.


The “Little Library” is weatherproof, self-contained for the books and can be placed anywhere that is easily accessible. It would be a great resource for people to use for small children by Early Intervention staff, Visiting Nurses, Head Start staff, Public Early Education staff and so the list continues.


The “Little Library” we have established has a beautiful hand painted rendition of birds against a blue sky and has a protective cedar roof. The dimensions are 23 inches tall, 22 inches wide and 19 inches deep. The books that will be placed in this “ Little Library” for children will feature an age appropriate introduction to the world of nature, compassion for all living things and some actual facts and education about all God’s creatures and creations both big and small depending on the child’s age.

I have been going to the end of the year public library book sales in the surrounding towns for the past few years collecting such books. Most of them have allowed me to get the small preschool books for 25cents each and others have donated gently used books.


In this program all the books that are distributed from our “Little Library” will be for the children to keep for their very own which is a critical difference in how this “Little Library” works. The power of a book is great and something that children need to have and call their own.


We will be asking for the donation of age appropriate new and gently used books for the Early Childhood age group. Contacting Groups such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and other children groups to help collect and donate such book as well as receiving them from families whose children have out grown them will help to maintain a good supply of appropriate books for this project.

The DVGRR staff has generously offered to place this “Little Library” on their campus in a place easily accessible to the public and the GRSRS&EC Program will be responsible for supplying them with the books for the “Little Library”. One of the DVGRR staff members or volunteers will keep it filled from the boxes of books that will be shipped to the DVGRR Program by the GRSRS&EC Program. Together the two programs will work to make this an easily accessible resource for Early Childhood Humane Education for teachers and clinicians that serve early childhood programs such as Early Intervention Services, Head Start, Day Care Programs and other such resources.


If you wish to donate books or make outreach to libraries or other possible book suppliers

please let our President, Joan Puglia know at jepgoldens@Yahoo.com.


Together we can help make this a gentler, caring society….one book…one child…at a time!



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