"Providing a Caring, Lifelong Home

to Senior Rescue Goldens" 

Where We Came From & How We Got Here (continued) 

Our History:

Quest for a Home for the Sanctuary


When the GRSRS&EC Board of Directors realized that Profile Goldens’ generous offer of a donation of land on which to build the specialized Sanctuary facility was not possible, GRSRS&EC contemplated starting a capital campaign to raise funds to purchase land and build the Sanctuary. However, the time frame to achieve such a goal would be long, and the need for Sanctuary services is urgent.


The following criteria were developed when we realized that an appropriate boarding facility to house the Sanctuary’s lifetime care residents needed to be found. Multiple New England boarding facilities were reviewed, and none was found that met this criteria:


1.  Home-like atmosphere.

2.  Communal appropriate indoor space available for the dogs.

3.  Volunteers’ ability to have direct dog contact.

4.  Medications and treatment delivery provided at minimum cost.

5.  Therapists’ ability to provide scheduled treatments on site.

6.  Care for Goldens requiring hospice care and those with orthopedic and mobility issues provided 24 x 7.

7.  Least restrictive setting possible.

8.  No chain link indoor runs.

9.  Lifetime placement available.

10. Grooming available on site to reduce stress.

11. Care provided for dogs that use adaptive equipment such as, but not limited to: mobility carts, support harness for walking.

12. Direct scheduled admissions possible during day via Rescue Transportation Services.

13. Multiple sources of natural light in the living areas.

14. Space for hydrotherapy unit and cold laser unit.

15. Competitive market boarding rates.


A Sanctuary Found!


A colaboration with Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (DVGRR) was established in May 2013. Their Lynne Glennon Sanctuary for Senior Goldens and Puppy Mill Survivors group home (started in 2013) meets every area of our boarding care criteria. At DVGRR, Senior Rescued Goldens and Golden Puppy Mill Survivors receive life-long care, adoption or hospice services. The Golden Retriever Senior Rescue Sanctuary and Education Center will provide the funding to support the Senior Goldens' life-long physical and emotional care.


Since our colaboration with DVGRR, we've accomplished some great goals. Last year (2016) we paid for the all of the Sanctuary's electricity, heat, air conditioning and water. Provided all the Sanctuary/Isolation's food (including Prescription Food and treats),

Winter Coats and Waterproof Turn Out Coats,  and Toys. PLUS, we provided an Emergency Power Generator...new, installed on a cement pad, attachment of all lines with a warrantee. The generator serves the entire Isolation Unit and the Sanctuary as an emergency generator which also powers the well water delivery system. Additional buildings can be attached in the future, if necessary.


And now, our reach is expanding...






"serving Goldens in the winter of their years"

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