"Providing a Caring, Lifelong Home

to Senior Rescue Goldens" 

With a Golden Heart and Spirit...

2019 GRSRS&EC Golden Goals:

© 2013 Golden Retriever Senior Rescue Sanctuary and Educational Center, Inc.

A 501(c)3 non-profit Charitable Organization


© 2019 Golden Retriever Senior Rescue Sanctuary and Educational Center, Inc.

A 501(c)3 non-profit Charitable Organization | Privacy and Legal Policy



"serving Goldens in the winter of their years"


Thank You for making our

goals possible!

1. Continue to provide in depth financial assistance to the three Senior Golden Retriever Sanctuaries that we support.


2. Establish a formal outreach program for emergency grants for Rescue Organizations that provide emergency medical and housing services in the event of special catastrophic weather events nationwide.


3. Grants will also be provided to Non-Profit Rescue Organizations that apply to our program for a specific funding Grant for individual Goldens in their programs who need specialized care.


4. The Establishment in 2019 of a more formal schedule for Program fundraising activities that will provide the funding for the GRSRS&EC Program's activities.


A. Special Online Silent Auction in November via e-mail.


B. Special Holiday on line fundraising event in December to provide opportunities for all who wish to publicly honor a person or beloved dog.


C. Spring special fund raising event online to help provide the funding for grants for Rescue Program Goldens nationwide in need of an immediate  Grant for life-saving specialized medical services, such as specific expensive medications/oncology procedures and  specialized surgery.


5. Providing a monthly Golden Oldies Gazette publication sent out via e-mail to everyone who sends us their e-mail. The Gazette includes information about the grants that the GRSRS&EC provides each year. Educational and Behavioral articles, Helpful Hints and other areas of canine care which people express an interest in reading about.

Increasing the adoption rate of Golden Oldies in shelters by public education.


6. Discontinuing the Membership fees. All people who provide us with their e-mail address will receive all the program correspondences including a monthly Golden Oldies Gazette.


Together we will grow this program and provide for the Senior Goldens of today

and tomorrow by providing public education, grants to other Rescue Programs to aid

them in providing extraordinary medications, equipment and treatments for Golden

Oldies that may have multiple areas of need.


EVERYONE is part of our

Golden Family...

no membership needed!

Just email your contact info to our Founder/President

Joan Puglia at jepgoldens@yahoo.com