"Providing a Caring, Lifelong Home

to Senior Rescue Goldens" 

Many Thanks for Successful Kick-off Fundraiser!

Our History:

We had an incredible time at the kickoff fundraiser for The Sanctuary!  We could have not asked for a more rewarding day!  Sure, it was a little cloudy and rainy, but the outpouring of support, enthusiasm, and love made the day sparkle!


The Hard Hat Gang is thrilled to announce that over $20,000 was netted at our first annual fundraiser for The Sanctuary!  We want to thank everyone who donated, attended, and bid on a wide variety of art, tickets to sporting events, get-away vacations, collectibles, books, and Golden memorabilia.  We are deeply grateful and know that is your support that allows The Sanctuary to move forward and your generosity that inspires us to continue our efforts on behalf of the breed we love.


There are many wonderful people to thank!


Cindy Bent and Sandy Tremblay, Profile Goldens – Thank you for graciously hosting!  Your lovely farm provided the ideal setting for the premier event for The Sanctuary.


Joan Puglia, Sanctuary President - Thank you, your expertise in rescue, your passion and tireless energy remain unsurpassed!


Debbie Crocker, Sanctuary Secretary - Thank you for cheerfully organizing everything and everybody!


Kathy Levasseur, Sanctuary Treasurer - Thank you for your keen eye on all financials details!


Jen Kesner, Emcee and Auctioneer Extraordinaire - Thank you for making it look so easy to make the bidding fun for everyone!


We also thank all the volunteers who worked behind the scenes and on the spot to pull together an amazing number of details and small miracles to make this even run smoothly and efficiently.


We want to extend a very special thank you to our guests from Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue, Carol Allen, GRCA Foundation National Chairperson for Rescue Programs and President of Central New York Golden Retriever Rescue, and, Sallie Lennox, Central New York Golden Retriever Rescue.  




© 2013 Golden Retriever Senior Rescue Sanctuary and Educational Center, Inc.

A 501(c)3 non-profit Charitable Organization



Profile Goldens

114 Dry Hill Road

Barrington, NH 03825



Our sponsors are graciously recognized for their direct investment in the Golden Retriever Senior Rescue Sanctuary and Educational Center.  The Sanctuary received underwriting sponsors in the following areas: Tech Support, Dessert, Flowers, Entertainment, and Signage.


Broadview Animal Hospital                        

134 Ten Rod Rd.

Rochester, NH


Michael and Carolyn Borkowski

Doctors Lowe, Norris, Chapin,

  and Davis

Prime Buchholz

 -- Portsmouth/Boston/Atlanta

The Fan Family

Noah and Jeanna Elwood

Robin Graham

Ryewind Goldens


Brock’s Building Materials

298 North Main St.

Rochester, NH


Profile Bank

Bonnie Brae Goldens

George and Angie Hobbs

Sandi Cusumano

Laura and Paul Nardone

Profile Farm

Sabina, Fred, and Kathie Gilpatrick

Lisa Casaccio




Connie and Scott Brock

Sarah Braverman

Joanne and Gene Parker

Sherry Wyskeil

David and Roxanne Bienick

Loren Sennott

David and Kathy Waterhouse

Patty Meany

Cynthia Wyatt

Gail Marino

Nancy Montanari

Gay and John Clauson

Sharon and Chip Houle

Sue Summer

Trevor and Lisa Harris

Judith and Sam Trotzky

Deb Haggerty

Catherine DiBenedetto

Michael Crocker

Jean Stanton

Sylvia Legget


Kathy Levasseur

Debbie Crocker

Susan Naylor

Lisa Cadieux

Kate Motor

Steph Costa

Ted Chapman

Cindy Bent

Mike and Nancy Chisholm

Susan Natress

Sandy Tremblay

John Hamilton

Chandler Rudd

Mikaela Ritter

Laura Haines

Joan Puglia

Jody Hamilton

Candace Carlon

Dennis Dockman

Kathy Walsh



Every person and business for their generous donations of auction items!


Marcia Peirce and The Hard Hat Gang: Tess, Reeses, and Drew


Gregg and Maggie von Sternberg for the design of the catalog


Cecil Abels and the New England Blue Grass Band


The Portable Pantry


Little B’s Cupcakes


Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue


Steph Costa, Founder and President of German Shepherd Resource and Rescue Center


Mike Puglia, who donated his talents and services to design and implement The Sanctuary and Center's previous website.



Once again, GRSRS&EC would like to thank everyone for their heartwarming support

and generosity!