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About the

Position We Have

on Euthanasia

As a volunteer with the Sanctuary & Center, you should be aware of, and understand the Sanctuary & Center’s policies regarding euthanasia. This topic can understandably generate much emotion and unfortunately has the potential to lead to discord within any organization involved in animal welfare.


In order to enhance working relationships and promote a positive volunteer experience, it is our goal to ensure that all prospective volunteers understand our position on this topic prior to becoming involved with us.


Sometimes we face the sad reality that one of our Sanctuary & Center residents is so medically compromised or debilitated even with all the medical care we can provide, that a reasonable quality of life no longer exists. During these difficult times, we act as a family and are present while our vet helps them pass peacefully.


As a prospective volunteer, please think carefully about how these policies will affect you in your work with the Sanctuary & Center. If your personal philosophy regarding euthanasia differs significantly from ours, we believe it may be best for your emotional health not to pursue a volunteer relationship with us.


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